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Is Visa (V) Making Money?

By Daniel Jennings / September 26, 2018

Visa (NYSE: V) is potentially far more valuable than many suspect. For example, US payment processors generate $90 billion a year in swipe fees. You pay a swipe fee every time you make a credit or debit card transaction. Not surprisingly, the swipe fees are a lucrative business. For instance, Bloomberg estimates US swipe fees […]


Why Uphold is potentially the Most Disruptive Blockchain Application

By Daniel Jennings / September 21, 2018

Uphold is potentially the most disruptive blockchain application around and it does not have a cryptocurrency. Uphold is disruptive because it lacks its own cryptocurrency. Instead, Uphold claims to offer practically instantaneous conversions between Bitcoin (BTC) and a variety of fiat currencies. Equally disruptive is Uphold’s capacity for sending bank transfers in the world’s four […]


Is Amazon Sustainable?

By Daniel Jennings / September 2, 2018

“You do not want to give Jeff Bezos a seven-year head start,” Warren Buffett on CNBC in 2017. Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is a massive disruptive force rather than a company. The Everything Store’s success is based on its ability disrupt rather than its moneymaking capacity. Therefore, the $2,012.71 question is how long can Amazon sustain its ability […]


NAMPOF an Alternative to Fang Stocks

By Daniel Jennings / August 24, 2018

Investors cannot get enough of the FANG stocks because of growth. Unfortunately, the FANGs are expensive and pay no dividends. Fortunately, a FANG alternative exists in the form of the NAMPOF. The NAMPOF is a list of FANG alternatives I put together. The FANG comprises Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) and […]


How to Choose the Best Blogging Platform for you?

By Bhagyashree / August 17, 2018

Deciding to start a blog comes with a lot of decisions to make. One such decision: What’s the best blogging platform should I use? It’s a tough choice, since there are several different blogging platforms out there. How do you find out which one is right for you? In this article, we’ll help you choose […]


Augur asks are Prediction Markets Profitable?

By Daniel Jennings / August 10, 2018

Augur (REP) or Reputation is proving the old adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity accurate. This cryptocurrency’s value has apparently shot up because of news stories connecting it to presidential assassination. One of Augur’s prediction markets is taking bets on the assassinations of such figures as U.S. President Donald J. Trump […]


Sharpe Capital; this Cryptocurrency is Based on Prediction Markets

By Daniel Jennings / August 7, 2018

Sharpe Capital (SHP) is betting that it can capitalize upon investment geeks’ proclivity to predict market outcomes. Sharpe is building an AI-driven prediction market based on hundreds of know-it-alls’ opinions about the market. The British Ethereum blockchain platform has collected over 1.84 million market predictions from 831 users and run them through its artificial intelligence […]


Google Pay in Germany

By Daniel Jennings / July 28, 2018

Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) is expanding its presence in the digital wallet sphere dramatically. Google Pay rolled out in Germany and integrated with a peer-to-peer payments solution. The app formerly known as Android Pay was rolled out in Germany at the end of June. Germany is important because it is the largest nation in the Eurozone […]


Customers like Apple Pay but spend more with Walmart Pay

By Daniel Jennings / July 24, 2018

People claim to like Apple Pay better, but are more likely to spend money with Walmart Pay. That is the conclusion of a new survey by the Auriemma Consulting Group. The average person spent $291 a month with Apple but $319 a month with Walmart Pay, Mobile Marketer reported. Yet more than 50% of the […]


Ways to Turn Your Blog Into a Money Maker

By Bhagyashree / June 7, 2018

Bloggers who are keen on procuring cash for their endeavors have discovered numerous approaches to do this. Simply recollect, your picked strategy, or mix of techniques, ought to be suitable for your expectations and substance. For instance, sewing online journals may experience considerable difficulties offering caps and T-shirts, while a blog based around an identity […]

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