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PayPal is Fighting Nazis; Stripe IPO could be worth $20 billion

By Daniel Jennings / January 11, 2019

PayPal is fighting Nazis by shutting down an account belonging to Der Wag (the Third Way), a German Neo-Nazi Party. Thus over 74 years after World War II PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) is still fighting Nazis. Israeli politicians were mad at PayPal because Der Wag supports the radical Palestinian organization Hezbollah and bloodthirsty Syrian tyrant Bashar […]


Swarm to Swarm City (SWTI)

By Daniel Jennings / January 10, 2019

In essence, Swarm City (SWTI) is another project that tries to combine social media and cryptocurrency on the blockchain. To that end, Swarm City is offering a blockchain-based marketplace with a built-in reputation system. The hope is that users will communicate and transact without third-party obstruction. In other words, Swarm City is yet another attempt to kill […]


Is KDE the Future of Linux and Mobile Phones?

By Daniel Jennings / January 5, 2019

KDE could be the most valuable tech company you have never heard of; because it could be the future of Linux. Notably, KDE has a potential trillion dollar app in the form of Plasma Mobile. To explain, Plasma mobile is an open-source adaptable Linux user face for mobile devices. That means companies can build phones […]


Taking a social media bath with Steem (STEEM) tokens

By Daniel Jennings / January 4, 2019

The Steem (STEEM) tokens are among the few cryptocurrency solutions that have attracted a following outside the blockchain community. In detail, many artists, writers, and other creators use Steem’s payment system. In fact, Steem claims to have paid $59.596 million to users between June 2018 and January 2019. In particular, they use most of that money to […]


A Dive into the DAOs with Wings (WINGS) and Aragon (ANT)

By Daniel Jennings / December 28, 2018

What happens when two cryptocurrencies try to accomplish the same goal? Wings (WINGS) and Aragon (ANT) are trying to answer that question. To explain, Wings and Aragon are building blockchain platforms for the creation and management of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Essentially, a DAO is an organization administered by a decentralized app (DApp). Both Wings […]


Plunging into Payments with Plutus Tap & Pay and Pluton (PLU)

By Daniel Jennings / December 26, 2018

Britain’s Plutus Tap & Pay and Pluton (PLU) could be the best blockchain platform and Ethereum token you have never heard of. To explain, Plutus is following the radical and disruptive strategy of devoting its resources to building a product used by real people in the real world. The product is Plutus Tap & Pay […]


Plunging into the Golem (GNT) Decentralized Supercomputer

By Daniel Jennings / December 19, 2018

The Golem ecosystem is a decentralized supercomputer powered by the Golem (GNT) cryptocurrency. Uniquely, Golem’s decentralized supercomputer operates on hundreds or thousands of servers and personal computers all over the world. On the other hand, a traditional supercomputer runs on just one giant mainframe. Hence, a traditional supercomputer is expensive and only available to wealthy […]


Three Companies Planning Linux-based Smartphone

By Daniel Jennings / December 18, 2018

At least three companies are working are working on a Linux-based smartphone. However, no Linux-based smartphone is close to market. Purism, Pine64, and Necuno Solutions are working on Linux-based smartphones, It’s Foss claims. Conversely, none of those companies is marketing an actual Linux-based smartphone. Interestingly, building a Linux-based smartphone is harder than most people think. […]


Swim with the “Crypto Assets” with Melon (MLN)

By Daniel Jennings / December 13, 2018

Melon (MLN) is one of many cryptocurrencies designed to cash in on crypto assets. To clarify, crypto asset is a catch-all term for any equity or security trade through the blockchain. Melon (MLN) is associated with Melonport AG; a private company, which is developing what it calls an “an asset management computer.” In detail, an […]


Taking a Swim with the INCONOMI (ICN) Digital Assets

By Daniel Jennings / December 8, 2018

ICONOMI (ICN) is a blockchain platform designed to sell a class of assets called Digital Asset Arrays (DAA). To clarify, the DAA appears to be like an exchange-traded fund (ETF) for crypto assets. Like an ETF a DAA is a basket of investments you can buy and sell. The difference between a DAA and an […]

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