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Searching for scalability with Lisk (LSK) White Label Sidechains

By Daniel Jennings / February 14, 2019

The value at Lisk (LSK) comes from the blockchain platform’s focus on white label sidechains. Essentially, a sidechain is a stripped down blockchain designed for one specific purpose. For example, facilitating payments between blockchain payments, or enabling payment between a blockchain platform and a traditional payment system. The Lisk platform will supposedly offer users the […]


Jumping into ICON (ICX) – is blockchain more valuable than cryptocurrency

By Daniel Jennings / February 5, 2019

ICON (ICX); a South Korean project, demonstrates that blockchain could be more valuable than cryptocurrency. ICON is potentially disruptive because it claims dozens of companies are working with its commercial blockchain solutions. For instance, ICON claims it is working with 26 Korean security firms in the Korea Financial Blockchain Consortium.” Impressively, ICON launched CHAIN ID […]


PayPal was originally a Digital Currency

By Daniel Jennings / February 4, 2019

PayPal was originally a digital currency, cofounder Luke Nosek claims. Tellingly, Nosek made the revelation at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “Many people don’t know this, but the initial mission of PayPal was to create a global currency that was independent of interference by these, you know, corrupt cartels of banks and governments that […]


Diving into Einsteinium (EMC2) a potentially disruptive cryptocurrency

By Daniel Jennings / February 1, 2019

There are several attributes that make Einsteinium (EMC2) a potentially disruptive cryptocurrency. Strangely, observers usually ignore Einsteinium’s most valuable and disruptive feature. Interestingly, that feature is the capability to collect “taxes” through cryptocurrency. To explain, the Einsteinium Foundation collects a 2.5% tax every time they mine an EMC2 token. In detail, the Foundation donates most of […]